Cross Country

Gwent League Cross Country

Provisional Dates for the 2021/22 season

  • Saturday 16th October 2021
  • Saturday 13th November 2021
  • Saturday 4th December 2021
  • Saturday 19th February 2022
  • Saturday 19th March 2022


The Cross Country Experience…

The Cross Country season runs through the winter from October to March. GWR covers all costs for members so come along and give it a try it for free!

We usually meet up at the club and travel together. The locations of races vary covering Bristol and Wales. The race distances vary from 4 – 8 miles and are always off road and usually on grass and through mud.

Runners of all abilities and speeds are welcome. 

Trail shoes or spikes are recommended. You must race in your club vest or T-shirt but bring lots of warm clothing for cheering on the others afterwards. There is always cake afterwards!

Cross Country

Still not sure if you’re up for it? Read this this excerpt from a Runner’s World article:

“Want to follow in the footsteps of our amazing double London Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah and marathon world record holding Paula Radcliffe? Then give cross-country a try, it is the training backbone for many of our most successful distance runners.

“I usually take part in cross-country races during the winter to help my preparations for the major championships,” says Farah. “Cross-country is a tough discipline as courses can be hilly, muddy or even snow-covered. But it makes you strong and it’s a great way to progress your training.”

Cross-country courses do not tend to be precise distances or feature mile markers, and this, coupled with the changeable terrain, makes times irrelevant. “This means you can focus on your running and get the sense of exhilaration and freedom from racing through the countryside,” says Bud Baldaro, England Athletics national coach mentor for endurance. Runners can learn to gauge their effort and pace themselves more effectively and, as they get more competitive, the race skills learnt in cross-country can be readily transferred to other surfaces, it encourages runners to throw away their watches: “You’re not worried about what your mile splits are – instead, you’re competing against the other runners.”

If you have any questions about cross-country please send us your message via the Contact page.



Nationals Cross Country 2020

On Saturday 22nd February 2020, a hardy crew of GWR braved the mud and the elements at Wollaton Park in Nottingham for an exciting and thrilling day of racing.

2020 Season

The new 2020 season starts in October…