Arthur Dagger Memorial Fund

The Arthur Dagger Memorial Fund (ADMF) was created by Great Western Runners in memory of one of our most treasured club members Arthur Dagger who sadly died in 2008.

Arthur was one of the longest standing members of Great Western Runners, a stalwart who had been on the club’s committee for many years and who worked tirelessly for more than a quarter of a century on behalf of the running community in the Bristol area. He was best known for his passion for supporting young people improve their running.

ADMF’s  mission is to provide financial support for young, talented athletes. 

Our objectives:

  • We want to build on young people’s participation and enjoyment of running.
  • We want to ensure young people receive the best teaching, coaching and resources possible and have the chance to progress if they show talent.
  • We want to help young people to live healthy and active lives and to be the best they can be.
  • We want to support young people whose financial disadvantages may restrict their potential to fulfill their talents.

If you, or someone you know meets the criteria below, they could apply for a grant from ADMF of up to £500!

  • aged between 13 – 23
  • live in the ‘Avon’ area
  • in full time or further/higher education
  • supported by teacher, running club or coach


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