Great Western Runners

Sunday 1st April 2012

Extract from Tim's Training Log


1st 32:43
2nd 35:13
3rd 35:27
4th 35:40 Tim Britton GWR (equalling my pb!)

A beautiful sunny day, but chuffing cold standing around in a vest in the shade at the start.

Set off nice and fast in the leading pack, with one guy rapidly making his way over the horizon, a league above the rest of us.

After the punters dropped off the front in the first km or so, I settled into 4th/5th alongside another guy, with 2&3 about 100m ahead. A bit of a headwind that picked up over the first 5km seemed to slow the 2 in front of us and we caught them up at about 4km. I took the lead of this pack just before the steep climb up the zigzags and held 2nd place up the climb and for the next 3km along the cliff top back towards Bournemouth Pier.

Stitch set in just before the drop back down to Boscombe Pier and my pace dropped, putting me back into 4th place. I fought to keep up with them but they slowly got away. With the wind behind me I was sustaining 3:30/km on the final few km back on the prom, but it wasn't enough to win any places back. Finished in a comfortable 4th place, bang on my pb time.

A great race, lovely day, and stunning route. Very happy with my run matching my pb - with the zigzag cliff climb I wasn't anticipating this to be a pb course.

Didn't do a very good job of spotting the km markers along the route so missed a load of splits:

1-3km : 3:35/km
4km : 3:36
5-8km : 3:38/km
9km : 3:29
10km : 3:26

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