Great Western Runners

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Back at the 2014 AGM, a few changes to the committee for 2014-15. As Nigel Barker moved to Reading. So a big thank you for all the work Nigel has done over the years for our club, as club secretary and as my right hand man for the Towpath series. So Paul Glennie became club secretary and Moya Church vice chairman. So for the past year we have only had half a committee, as we are short on none executives.


Membership year 2015 renewals we lost a number of runners who did not renew their membership and throughout the winter months we were very low in numbers on a Wednesday evenings. Some nights as low as 20 runners, this is very unusual for the winter months. I must admit some evenings we did experience some very cold evenings, throughout the summer it has been very wet at times.


Towpath. This year we lost our head quarters, re the pub (The Rising Sun). So we used the bowling pavilion, not many runners stayed behind and we were down in numbers by 50%. So for 2016 we will have a new start and finish and new head quarters. Information about this will be given out later this year. At one point this year I did not think the races would go ahead, as you know Nigel Barker moved away and I could not find anybody to take Nigel’s place, then 2 months before the first race Alison Laurence & Jon Cox came forward and said they would do it (Phew). After that Veronica ford also said she would help.


Mob match, a very successful match this year with 333 runners. Bristol & West champions again. A big thank you to all my marshals, I cannot put these races on without your help.


Welsh Castles and Cotswold relay both in June. One mixed team for Welsh Castles and a men’s and ladies team for Cotswold’s. Welsh Castles we manage to get a team together as we had a few drop outs just before the weekend of the relay. (Few more grey hairs). Big thank you to Simon Richards for looking after the Cotswold relay teams.


Cross Country, big thank you to John Hargreaves and Veronica Ford for looking after the Gwent and Glos XC. In the grand prix 2014-15, Phil Chan and Cat Mills picked up the trophies for the season. In the Gwent the over 60’s team came second overall for the series. The men are still in the second division after 5 years and the ladies have stayed in the first division. As I write this the 2015-16 season starts.


In September this year a group of GWR runners went to Berlin for the marathon and Marcus broke the 3 hour mark joining an elite group of GWR runners. So very successful tour.


2016 coming very soon, I wish everybody a good running season.


Mike Willcox