Great Western Runners

I am happy to be able to report five race wins for GWR last week! The fact that there were never more than 2 competitors helped. More importantly it meant that I completed Ultra Running Ltd's Severn challenge, which ended up as 228 miles over 5 days - daily mileages of 27, 46, 64, 64 and 27. With several runners dropping out, there were only two starters this year, and sadly the other runner had to pull out on Day 3. I was up yesterday to finish the last marathon after climbing into my tent at 3.30am, so it wasn't a PB this time!

I ran the race to raise money for a water project through Bristol-based Frank Water and so far have managed to raise £5300.


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Visit to find out about Andy's run down the River Severn in May (8 marathons in 5 days), raising money for water projects.